“Dance, Dance, otherwise we are lost” – Pina Bausch

Kester Cotton former professional ballet dancer and now Physical Dance Therapy in Portland Oregon


As a former professional ballet dancer now Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT), Kester Cotton works with dancers and athletes of all ages and levels, who are passionate about dance and movement, and who are seeking to heal injuries and optimize performance.

Kester knows from experience that dancers are artists, but that they must train and rehabilitate as athletes. Cross training and conditioning, strengthening with stretching, these are the keys to getting well and staying well.

Whether you are recovering from a surgery, healing from a dance injury, working through a chronic problem, or are just looking for a professional to help in improving ballet technique, we’re here to help.

Our clients say it best …

“Thanks to Kester, within a period of six months, I was able to go from a knee brace and crutches, to receiving a scholarship to Rockett summer intensive program in New York, and earning an opportunity train at the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance!”

– Mason G., dancer

“There is no substitute for having a highly qualified therapist with a dance background caring for anyone interested in returning to, or pursuing, the art of dance.”

– Brett, Principal Dancer, OBT

Kester Cotton has been a passionate advocate for thorough and mindful preventative physical therapy for over two decades. Beginning as a conscientious professional dancer and now as a specialized PT, Kester is the rare caregiver who looks for both immediate and long-term relief and helps empower his clients to achieve their full potential.”

– C. Stowell, Portland OR

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