For Dance Educators

In addition to working with dancers, I also work with dance educators through lectures, workshops and private consultations. I strive to achieve a balance between teachers’ personal experience and preferences, traditions within dance, and modern scientific evidence. Workshop and lecture topics include:

  • Anatomy workshops/education for Dancers
  • Strength, stretch, and conditioning workshops by body region: e.g. foot/ankle, knee/hip, spine/pelvis
  • Floor Alignment (Non-weight-bearing barre work)
  • Pointe Readiness Assessment (evidence-based recommendations)
  • “How much is too much?” – Today’s HOT topic: Explore the scientifically based recommendations for the relationship between the total amount of dance activity within a given span of time and risk for injury

Dance educators are encouraged to schedule sessions to discuss dance teaching philosophy, patterns of injuries in students, and how to improve student performance.

**NOTE** Neither Dance Conditioning nor Educator Seminars are classified as medical treatments. Rates are $100/hour, by appointment, and are not generally covered by insurance.