The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning work with Kester has been that I know how to work through pain that returns because Kester gave me a basic understanding of why certain areas become painful, as well as techniques for how to work past them.

Susan, Dancer  Portland, Oregon

Thanks to Kester, within a period of six months, I was able to go from a knee brace and crutches, to receiving a scholarship to Rockett summer intensive program in New York, and earning an opportunity train at the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance!

Mason G.

Kester Cotton has been a passionate advocate for thorough and mindful preventative physical therapy for over two decades. Beginning as a conscientious professional dancer and now as a specialized PT, Kester is the rare caregiver who looks for both immediate and long-term relief and helps empower his clients to achieve their full potential.

C. Stowell  Portland, Oregon

After working with Kester I know have Freedom from pain and the ability to take ballet classes again.

Susan, Dancer  Portland, Oregon

Kester helped me appreciate the importance of gaining a deeper knowledge of your body, your strengths and weaknesses, and your injuries. I found his combination of tissue work and exercise-based conditioning to be very effective, empowering and more long-term.

Grace, Professional Dancer  Portland, Oregon

The biggest tangible change I have noticed in my daughter since beginning work with Kester has been that my daughter’s pain has been alleviated and the exercises he gave her addressed not only the issue of pain but also addressed the importance of not losing strength and conditioning while recovering from the injury. My daughter’s core strength and upper body is in better shape than when first sought Kester’s treatment.

I would recommend Kester to anyone seeking physical therapy treatment but particularly to people involved in dance, gymnastics, running, marital arts.

Ellen, Mother  Portland, Oregon

I have no doubt that I am a smarter and far better equipped athlete after seeking Kester’s services.

There is no substitute for having a highly qualified therapist with a dance background caring for anyone interested in returning to, or pursuing, the art of dance. The biomechanics of dance of so specific and specialized that only a former dancer could hope to have a complete understanding of the requirements necessary.

Brett, OBT Principal Dancer  Portland, Oregon