Physical Therapy for Dancers

For those who have been injured and seek to return to dancing, our Dance Medicine Program team is unparalleled with any clinic in the Portland area in terms of combining professional dance experience with the physical therapy rehabilitation experience. If you need help getting back in the studio or back on stage, there is no better place to come.

Physical Therapy services include:

  • Diagnosis and Treatment of injuries
  • Stretch & Strength exercises and activities
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation
  • Dance Conditioning and Cross Training (keeping the rest of you in shape as your injury is healing)
  • Manual Therapy (joint mobilization, joint manipulation, tool-assisted soft tissue work, deep tissue massage, sports massage, muscle energy techniques)

Dance Conditioning

In addition to Physical Therapy, we offer private and semi-private lessons (1 hour in length) designed to evaluate weakness, tightness, and susceptibility to injury. These individualized sessions can help dancers improve flexibility, strength, dance conditioning, and technique. Depending on the unique goals of the dancers, each individualized session is crafted from the following components:

  • Warm up and cool down stretching
  • Balance, posture, and placement
  • Pilates-based exercises
  • Strengthening exercises
  • Ballet technique
  • Floor Alignment (barre)

Boy’s & Men’s Programs

Amongst dancers, boys and men have unique needs for upper body strength. In addition to excelling in the technique of their specific dance style, today’s male dancers are required to lift/partner other dancers, as well as to perform floor work and other acrobatic activities (modern dance, aerials, hip hop, breakdance). From young boys to pre-professional or professional level dancers, we have developed evidence-based conditioning programs that aim to strengthen the upper extremity region for adult and developing male dancers. These types of movements can place stress on the upper body. Basic dance training often does not create a base of strength to help the male dancers prepare for these unique demands, and injuries can result. Please contact us for a consultation if you have interest in developing Strength & Conditioning programs for individuals or groups.

**NOTE** Neither Dance Conditioning or Dance Educator Seminars are classified as medical treatments. Standard rates are $100/hour, by appointment, and are not generally covered by insurance.